Tim Summerhayes

Concert Recording and Broadcast


Some Classical Credits to date [March 2009]


The majority of recent work is mixed or broadcast in 5.1 surround. I am conversant with Dolby ‘Metadata’ requirements and have tailored these for music productions.


For Operatic work I have a team specializing in radio micing techniques. Much planning is done which involves the co-operation of wardrobe and make-up departments as well as the artists. The results are amazing. Again for operatic productions, I always work with an associate who keeps track of the score and music cues made during rehearsal.






Classical CV







The original 3 Tenors concert broadcast live to

the World to commemorate the 1990 World cup

final. The subsequent album and video releases

went on to sell an alleged 16 million!! For this I

was working with John Pellow from Decca



A live on air concert from Madrid networked

though out Spain. This was mixed by myself and

overseen by her brother. [Mr Caballe]!


A classical concert from Rio in 1992 to conclude

the world summit meeting on the environment

This featured Placido Domingo and Denise

Price. This was broadcast live to South America

and was destined for video release. The music

producer on this occasion was John Middleton


Concert recordings from Berlin,

Birmingham and the Barbican. These are

destined for future Video release. In fact the

Berlin concert has already been released. This

was both recorded and mixed by myself.


Destined as a stage musical, it is the story of

Helen of Troy and her relationship with Paris [a

Greek prince]. An 11 month recording project

encompassing most aspects of classical

recording [orchestral, coral and contemporary] Album

was released in Australaisia and won ‘best

original cast recording’.


A video and television production from the

Royal Opera House. This was recorded and

mixed by myself with John Middleton



Maria Ewing stared in this Royal Opera House

production. Again this was recorded and mixed

by myself with John Middleton overseeing the

music production. [T.V. and Video]


Another Decca production broadcast live to the

World from Hyde Park. Generally remembered

as Pavarotti in the Rain!! [T.V. and Video]


Pavarotti’s return to the Welsh Eisteddfod music festival after 40 years. This recording was overseen by John Pellow [from Decca] and subsequently broadcast throughout Britain.


An album [for Virgin classics] recorded at Downside Abbey featuring its two choirs. This was recorded, mixed and co-produced by myself and achieved a brief number 1 spot in the 1996 classical album chart.


A subsequent album achieved similar acclaim and the ‘making of’ was the subject of a BBC ‘Everyman’ production.


Set in modern location for Landseer Films


The Royal Philharmonic with guest artists

televised from the Royal Albert Hall.


I mixed the classical content of the programme

from the Greenwich concert site featuring the

London Symphony Orchestra and Leslie Garrett.


A concert recorded in Belfast for television

release in this country and the USA. I remixed this in

5.1 format for DVD release.


I was responsible for the sound on a live broadcast of


took place in and around a stately home in Oxfordshire

The production won an RTS award for BEST SOUND.

I also undertook a similar production for the BBC of

Beethoven’s FIDELIO. This was a live to air production

taking place at a stately home in Warwickshire.


A live recording of Mathew Bourne’s production at the

Saddlers Wells Theater London. This has been broadcast

on national TV and was released on DVD.


A major recoding project of a new opera written and

conducted by Lorrin Maazel. Recorded over 3 nights

at the Royal Opera House. The project was mixed and

edited in 5.1 in the UK and with Maestro Maazel in Munich.

Production, John Middleton, editor, Dave O’Carroll.


A concert DVD of Paul McCartney’s classical piece recorded

in high resolution for 5.1 release at The Royal Albert Hall in

2006. Much time was spent in discussions and in planning for

the recording which took place in just one evening.


November 2006. A series of pieces for the BBC recorded in

Tchaikovsky’s home town of St Petersburg Russia.

Working with local orchestra local facilities and BBC crew


November 2007 Gala from the Royal Festival Hall London

with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Mixed for DVD release in 5.1 surround sound. John Middleton producing.


Summer 2008. A series of 5 classical concerts recorded

in  the National Theatre of China and in The Great Hall of the People Beijing. Artists;  Angela Gheorghiu, Sumi Jo, Rene Fleming, Ramon Vargas and a gala performance featuring all soloists. This was for an American production company for eventual world wide distribution.


2008/9. A series of 6 TV recordings featuring Shan Cothi, Bryn Terfell, Connie Fisher, Alison Bolsom. Etc.. for Welsh TV.

The 3 Tenors Rome







Monserrat Caballe




A Concert For

Planet Earth.






Vanessa Mae.














The Kirov Gala










Pavarotti in the Park.




Pavarotti at




The Abbey








Don Giovanni


A Concert for




Millennium Night.



The Irish 3 Tennors.




Marriage of Figaro.








The Nutcracker.










Ecce Cor Meum.









Vladimir Jurowski




Divas in Beijing.







Shan Cothi.