Tim Summerhayes

Concert Recording and Broadcast

Live record at Slane Castle

Live broadcast mix from Oxygen Festival [Ireland]

Live Broadcast mix from Milan [MTV]

Live record Hyde Park concerts [London]


Live ‘Surround Mix’ to various cinemas throughout the

World from Riverside [London]. Tony Visconti producing.

First [I think] 5.1 live to air from UK.

Live record from The Point Dublin.


Mix of live recording from Copenhagen [MTV].

Record and mix live version of their single ‘DoA’ for UK


Live Broadcast mix from Rome.

Live record from Amsterdam.


Live broadcast mix from Barcelona [Award nominated]

Live recording from London’s Hyde Park.


Mixed various live recordings from Germany and UK.


Live to air concert from Wembley for World TV broadcast.


Subsequently mixed [For Live DVD and CD], Genesis, Snow Patrol, Black Eyed Peas, Corinne Bailey Rae / Jon Legend, Chris Cornell, Paulo Nutini, James Blunt, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters.


Live insert to American Grammy’s [Won Emmy Award]

for outstanding sound mixing.


Live performance recording from Wembley [DVD]


Live concert recordings in UK


Record and mix from Hyde Park for TV release.


DVD recording from Wembley [And for Live earth]


Record from Hyde Park for TV release


Reunion concert in London


Concert DVD and Live Earth


Recent recording and mix from Japan [MTV]


A series of classical concerts from the

Great Hall of the People and the National Theatre,

featuring Angel Georgiou, Sumi Jo and Rene Flemming

for US production Co.


Ecce Cor Meum. His classical piece

recorded for DVD at the Royal Albert Hall


Live to air in 5.1 from Hyde Park. Featuring Queen,

Annie Lennox, Amy Winehouse, Jamelia and

various choirs etc..


Operatic concert for US production company

from Bocelli’s village outside of Piza, Italy.


Live DVD recording from The Alhambra Palace Spain.


Concert recordings UK. [for live album]


Concert recordings UK [for TV]


Concert recordings UK and live to air concert in Poland


Concert recording UK [for TV]


DVD recording from the Royal Albert Hall


DVD recording from the o2 in London.


DVD recording from Verona Spain.


DVD record and mix and TV recordings.


TV mix


TV record and mix


DVD recording from Belfast Ireland


DVD recording from Paris.


TV Recording Paris


TV Recording London Hardrock Café.!!


Live surround mix to cinema’s


Live surround mix to cinema’s


Rock am Ring [Germany]. Download [UK]

Hyde Park [London]. Oxygene [Ireland]

All Live mixes for TV and Radio

Recent Projects

Red Hot Chilli Peppers               





David Bowie                              





Foo Fighters     






Bruce Springsteen.                    



Linkin Park                                  


Diana Tribute Concerts                         

Live Earth                                  





Amy Winehouse                        



War of the Worlds                   


Roger Waters                           


Eric Clapton                              




The Police                                


Led Zepelin                              


Black Eyed Peas                        


Cold Play                                   


Divas in Beijing                         





Paul McCartney                        



Nelson  Mandela’s 90th             




Andrea Bocelli                          



Loreena McKennitt                    .




The Cure                                  


Duran Duran                             


James Morrison                       


John Legend                             


Stevie Wonder                          .




Craig David                               


Lady Gaga                                 


Def Leppard                             


Enrique Iglasias                        


Lionel Richie                             


Avril Lavigne                            




Girls Aloud                               


Back Street Boys                     


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