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March 2009.††††† †††††††††††† ††††††††††††


My full CV goes back to the mid Ď70s, so a lot of the early stuff has been excluded [Youíll be pleased to learn].!!


I am now very involved with Red-tx Ltd and was instrumental in the design and construction of their mobile sound truck.


5.1 Surround Sound for broadcast and DVD production is a speciality.


Prior to my time with Fleetwood and Red-tx, I spent about 15 years in recording studios learning the craft and for about half of that time I worked at the late Mickie Mostsí RAK Studios in London, followed by a couple of years at Islandís BASING STREET Studios [Now Sarm West]. Studio credits during that time included about 8 albums and various singles with Status Quo, and countless other album and singles projects encompassing pretty much all music genres.


The following page shows a general list of fairly recent credits but I have listed the Classical work separately.

Emmy Certificate

RTS Award